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Fahad Zia

Renaming SharePoint Title site column back to Title throws error: “The Column name you entered is already in use or reserved.Choose another name”


It is recommended not to rename OOTB Title site column but if for some reason you have done this. There are 2 ways it can be changed back:

1. Using SharePoint Manager
This is easier of the two and it requires you to install SPM 2007 on the SharePoint server you are making changes to. Open SPM and drill down to the site collection’s fields collection and click on changed Title field (InternalName=’Title’). In the “SchemaXml” value change “DisplayName” back to “Title” and save the changes.

2. Using SharePoint Object Model
Use the following articles to run the code on the server.
Note the use of “PushChangesToLists” method in the first article that will modify this field in the list too which cant be done from SPM.

If you wonder why this happens, check this post:

Fahad Zia

Workflow History List URL for SPD/WF/Nintex

If you are logging messages as part of your workflow and need to see where it goes then go to your site where workflow is running to view this hidden list:
SPD/WF: http://SiteURL/Lists/Worflow History

If you are using Nintex Workflow 2007, then the logs can be seen here:
Nintex: http://SiteURL/Lists/NintexWorkflowHistory